The Uncommon Lubricant Company

It's not just lubricant

Lubricant is not a one size fits all solution. The right lubricant prevents corrosion, friction, and wear. Helping equipment do its job longer, consistently, and effectively.

We are specialists

We are specialists in developing tailor made long life lubricants. For extreme operating conditions where conventional lubricants are just not good enough.

Heavy loads

High Level of vibration

Extreme velocities

Extreme temperatures


effect Smoke

Dusty, Dirty environments

Changing environmental conditions

Biodegradable Requirements

Corrosion protection

Environmentally friendly

What defines an Uncommon Lubricant company

How have we redefined the rules in the traditional lubricant industry? The traditional lubricant industry has been dominated by large organizations. But, not anymore!
In fact, Centrolium offers very unique benefits not available from large lubricant suppliers.

Custom Approach

We don’t take a “one size fits all” mentality but offer a more personalized and customized service. We take the time to get to know are customers, evaluating their needs and develop a custom solution that is right for them.


We have gone after areas with extreme operating conditions that are not serviced effectively. Running a small lean operation we can supply unique recipes in small batch quantities tailored to customer needs.


Stifled at a big company. We collaborate in the areas of production, research, operations, talent development, technical consulting, purchasing, etc. and co-create smart solutions for the most demanding challenges related to friction and wear. 

Period Care

Level Of Care

Each client is unique and requires unique solutions. Contrary to common practices, the company avoids generalizing the needs of its customers and helps them discover new, high impact improvement opportunities which get resolved through a custom made tribological solution.


Centrolium is all about people, we have the advantage of knowing each and every client really well. This gives us the ability to provide a one-on-one, personalized experience that clients really value. We also have the ability to be flexible and adapt to customers’ needs, including more easily bringing in new products quickly when identified.

Speed And Agility

We react faster, build creative solutions, deliver in small batches without issue and customize to meet demand.

We can be a trusted resource when you need are help. We respond in ways that the big guys can’t.

Passion With Purpose

Building something that demonstrates craft at the highest level cannot be reasoned into. It happens because of love, and because there was an environment that nurtured that love.

We do not settle; we do not restfully or proudly enjoy the status quo. We stay at the edge and leverage our ability to sense and react fast. We have no shortage of passion and when they connect with a customer's passion, the energy accelerates desired outcomes into impact. The impact is the full realization of a promise made and kept and the foundation of a long-term relationship.

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Active Listening

Centrolium differentiates ourselves with a feedback loop that enables two-way communication between our customers, vendors, and ourselves. This allows us to determine often overlooked lubrication practices for machines that might be exposed to operating conditions that are very different from those specified in the user manual (geographical location, environmental temperature, usage hours, loads, etc.).

We feed this information into the innovation process to inspire ideation and concept generation.

Our key driver of success

Is our seamless use of technology to create intelligent lubricantsolutions. We thrive to co-create solutions tailored to the unique equipment requirements. Customer satisfaction is our optimum goal. We have a laid out process to ensure that our customers get all that they need and more.