In order to respond to every customer’s unique needs and provide personalized attention, an agile approach to product development is required. 
Interlub has been recognized for its commitment to science and innovation and dedication to quality. With their state-of-the-art laboratory with cutting-edge techniques and a team of highly dedicated researchers, engineers and technicians they are able to push the frontier of chemical science. They have an agile development approach in order to cut new product development cycles significantly.
Centrolium is privileged to be associated with such an organization. Having full access to these resources allows us to truly offer services that provide huge savings to your organization.

Promoting longer equipment life and helping to extend lubrication intervals

There is no perfect formulation that satisfies the needs of every application. We use the science of lubrication to choose a formulation that is most suitable for your application. Centrolium delivers tailored products to achieve a particular performance level. Our strong technical ability allows our customers to achieve greater productivity.
We maintain a continuing program of product development and testing to ensure all products satisfy the needs of our customers.

Our Resources Include

Research and development

Allows us to be able to break the traditional lubricant industry paradigms by developing new technology


Tribology experts replicate the operating conditions that different mechanical elements are subject to and provided optimal lubricant for your equipment.


Spectrophotometry experts help visualize a unique profile for raw materials and finished products, in order to validate the quality and repeatability of our process.


Rheology experts characterize the molecular structure of products in order to be able to understand it’s behavior under external forces. This information allows us to predict with great precision the performance of our products working in your machinery.

And lastly, laboratory and bench testing and constant contact with industry. For the last few decades, scientists and engineers have been engaged in finding an environmentally friendly bio-lubricant without compromising efficiency.