Lubricants...small cost, HUGE returns!

The cost of lubricants is a small percentage of maintenance expenditure, but if selected effectively, can contribute to larger savings. Equipment will last longer, run more efficiently and more reliably, and you won’t replace equipment or components prematurely.

  • 100%

    Total Maintenance Cost

  • 2%

    Total cost destined to lubrication​

  • 60%

    Reduce cost due to the correct selection of lubricant

  • 140%

    Exceeded cost due to wrong lubricant selection


Cost of Ownership

You can’t compare the cost of synthetic lubricants to traditional lubricants without looking at the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and include the entire direct and indirect amount spent. This includes the cost of acquisition, operation, and maintenance for as long as the equipment is in use.

2% of industrial maintenance costs are attributed to lubricants. We are specialists in producing cost-effective solutions to the problems associated with machine maintenance. 
Our solutions typically offer a 30% reduction of the overall lubricant maintenance costs for heavy equipment companies. We are focused on tackling and eradicating the challenges that come with owning a machine and running a company in the heavy sector. With Centrolium’s leading-edge lubricants and high-quality services, we are certain about the following

    Able to work with heavier loads
    Less unplanned stoppages
    Ability to work in harsher conditions
    Reduction of maintenance costs
    Longer intervals between service durations
    Increase lifespan of the equipment
    Reduce the disposal of lubricants